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zak king

music and photography are my passion. I'll make a deal I won't be shy if you won't ") my full name is zachary... just thought I'd throw that out there Ask me anything

People pray to each other. The way I say “you” to someone else, respectfully, intimately, desperately. The way someone says “you” to me, hopefully, expectantly, intensely …
—Huub Oosterhuis

I feel more alone now than I ever have before. Everyone’s so far away, or just not close to me anymore. I can’t wait to leave. I can’t wait to have my nephews and niece around me. I can’t wait to start school and begin again. Away from here.

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also, I’m almost positive I’m a raving lunatic underneath it all.

every once in a while, I just feel empty.

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bhampt0n-deactivated20140815 said: hey you, i love you.

I love you too.